01.17.18 The Real Reason

I was recently asked to write an article with regards to how my work affects the people that I see and care for. This is the article.

A Colorado Traveling Salon Stylist

What it would be like to live alone, have a broken arm, the inability to speak well, raise your arm or no mobility on one side of your body. And your only friend just passed away. Every story is unique and countless people are in situations much like this.

At the time of starting Have Salon Will Travel, I had practiced Cosmetology for 37 years. After caring for both parents through end of life, I saw the need for Mobile Salon Services in many situations.  Now, fours years passed, I have gained tremendous experience working with numerous mental, emotional and physical challenges. The trick for me on a daily basis is to be ready for whomever and whatever may come my way.

Most of my Private Residence calls are for Haircuts and Pedicures. A great looking haircut goes a long way and really cheers people up. I serve up a beautiful haircut that is easy to care for. Looking in the mirror and liking what one see heals in many ways.

Seniors call me for a pedicure because they cannot reach their toes, cannot see them or their toenails are catching on their socks. For a senior, a pedicure is about cleanliness and comfort more than a beauty regime, (even thought that is nice). A pedicure is about having the dead skin removed that builds up on the feet and between the toes. Its about toenails that are clean underneath and sharp edges removed from nails that have peculiar growth patterns. For me, as a Cosmetologist, it’s knowing my limits of care and when to refer to a Pediatrist or a Nurse for further care. If diabetes is present, a form must be filled out by their Physician and then verified before I provide services.

Customers really enjoy both the bubbly foot bath and having someone to converse with during the service. So many people living alone with no family to speak of, really welcome someone to talk to. The conversations are very healing for them and their stories are important.

Some of my customers are in Rehab at Denver Hospitals. These people need help with shampooing, removing mats from the hair, and pedicures. Nurses and Hospital staff are able to utilize ‘Shampoo Caps’ but is no replacement for a ‘real’ shampoo to make your scalp feel alive gain. Family members often order a ‘Spa Day’ and treat their loved one to a Shampoo, Haircut, Manicure and Pedicure. It takes a few hours and it’s worth every penny. People are renewed and have a better outlook after the nurturing and services. And a better outlook helps one to heal. Serving people in this capacity is ‘THE REAL REASON’ I do this work. It’s all about healing.

My Mobile Salon Services provide basic salon needs and my clients look better too, but after all is said and done, the mental and emotional benefits are priceless. For so many years, providing salon services was mainly about looking fabulous and while there is nothing wrong with that, what I do now for people leaves much more of a mark on their soul and in their heart. There has never been a more rewarding experience for me and there is a great need for people like me to provide these services.

No matter where I go, when I walk through the door, many are pretty sure that I am an angel sent from above. I just tuck my wings in and smile…

By:  Sali Caquelyn

Proprietor – Have Salon Will Travel