03.20.14 CNA’S

During my experiences with both parents, becoming an advocate and witness to a variety of issues in each location I had moved them to, I saw a large need regarding assistance with Mobile Cosmetology Services. In lieu of what I learned, I knew I could make a difference and help many people.

Here is a brief recap of my experiences regarding Senior Living Situations…

CNA’s are very special people. They can bathe, change clothing and do a number a helpful services for our loved ones. I met some who were kind, considerate and concerned about the well being of people they cared for. However, some are overworked and many facilities do not seem to hire enough of them.

CNA’s are not licensed to clip toenails, cut hair or anything that involves the use of ‘sharps’.

On a few occasions, I was not able to find anyone on the premise. My Mother, had casually left her room more than three times and no one knew her location. Mom, who had a growing case of Vascular Dementia, had learned to become as ‘Escape Artist’ as the dementia progressed. Hence, her name of Ruth became ‘Ruthless’.

Most people assigned to care for the feet and toenails for the elderly, will only trim the toenails or ground them down with a electric nail drill. I don’t mean to make this sound like a torturous act. Any semblance of a ‘full pedicure’ was nonexistent.

I encountered a salon that was so filthy and unkept in one of the assisted livings my Mother was in, I am proud to say that due to my insistence, a new one was built immediately.

Some elderly patients who were not moved very often, suffer a heavy accumulation of dead scalp and dirty, matted hair. Often, ‘dry shampoo’ is sprayed on and it creates its own accumulation. Washing matted hair only contributes to the mess. Some places only bath their patients once a week.

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