06.21.2016 Cosmetology Specialist for Seniors and Special Needs

What an amazing journey I have had as a traveling stylist. I now consider myself a specialist in the area of  Salon Services for Seniors and Special Needs. I have encountered so many different physical, mental and emotional situations, met incredible people and made some new friends along the way. Still seeing about 5 – 10 new clients every month. Some have become repeats, some pass away and some fade away. Many are in a temporary place in their life and cannot get out for a while.

Business is up over 700% from last year and growing. I have received calls from others asking how I created my business, so I am working on a business plan that will be available for purchase by the end of summer 2016 … that is my goal.

I still do not have any direct competition in Denver so my perimeter is expanding. That’s ok, it’s hard to say no to people in need, even though some requests are much farther away than I had planned on traveling.

Really enjoying the whole business.  Thanks for reading… Sali

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